Visit to Orphanage “Kolyska Dytyachoi Nadii”, v.Novosilky 2011-08-13

2011-08-13 founders of the Fund and benefactor of Blagomay Golubeva Tatiana with her daughter Alexandra visited the orphanage «Kolyska Dytyachoi Nadii», which is located on Sadovaya street, 12 in the village Novoselki, Kiev Sviatoshynsky district, Kiev region.

At this point there are 15 children in the orphanage, 4 currently are in hospital. Children seems to be rested, since they recently arrived from the sea. We were greeted, as always with happy children and their caretaker Tatyana Stepanovna Movchan. Children came from camp in Evpatoria just last week, so some shared their vivid impressions. As always, a wonderful little boy Shonya sang us songs, some of them in chorus along with the benefactor Golubeva Alexandra. And of course, once again one boy delighted us with break dancing! Other guys are all supported him with applause and singing. All children are talents, they all  are dancing and singing:) It is mandatory way are inviting us to their shows, where they can share their successes in dance, singing, gymnastics, etc.

Managers and employees of the orphanage sends thanks to everyone who does not remain indifferent to the fate of the children, all who helps, supports and visits them. After all, kids are very important not just to receive gifts, but feel that they are not indifferent, that they are cared for and not forgotten.

Here the list of things which have been transferred to orphanage:
Children’s toothpastes Optifresh Oriflame (27 pcs)
Children’s toothbrushes Optifresh Oriflame (5 pcs)
Liquid Hand Soap with Oriflame (h21sht)
Baby Shampoo Oriflame (h3sht)
A set of «Little Beauty» (3 pcs)
Washing machine large (1 pcs)
Ironing board (1 pcs)
Magic kit 36 subjects (1 pcs)
Kitchen Orion (1 pcs)
Kitchen set (1 pcs)
Set Iron + sewing machine (1 pcs)
A set of child tableware (1 pcs)

Total amount of transferred charity is 2298 UAH

We express our sincere gratitude to the benefactors who helped with this:
Tatiana Shalamay
Yevgeniya Andrienko
Taras Eleyko
Dmytro Parkhomenko
Nikolay Latansky
Tatyana Golubeva
Alexander Golubev

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