»God gives man a lot, only for the purpose,

                                                                                  that he has learned to share it with many. «

Mission: To change people’s awareness of the implementation of the charity.

Vision: Our charity fund is the link on the path of good deeds, this way, by changing the future and creating the chain reaction, which significantly improves the lives of millions of people around the world.

The main aim of funds’ help  is to help children who are unable to fully develop and enjoy life and adaptation of Children from orphanages to real life in community.

- The formation of spiritual and moral values.

- To involve children to a healthy lifestyle.

- Development of children’s of creative abilities and sport talents;

- Access to quality education;

- Development of legal culture;

- Development of charity culture between people.

- Development of skills necessary for life in society;

- Teach the love to animals and animal world;

Slogan: «Philanthropy for the Future!»