The 8th of March (2016)

Dear friends!

Each of us is looking forward to the first warm rays of spring, clear spring sky and warm sun.

But with the arrival of spring warmth we need the care and attention of our neighbors as well as before.

Children from orphanages with the eyes full of hope and expectations, preparing for the meeting of Spring and the girls are

looking forward to the spring holiday 8th of March!

Left quite a bit of time before that sweet day, so let’s congratulate the girls and young women from orphanages!!!

They, like each of us, strive to be beautiful and happy!

Show your care and kindness, let’s help girls and young women from orphanages to receive such necessary and desirable accessories for hair care !

Let’s buy together sets of accessories for hair for 981 girls who are in orphanages!

The festive set of accessories for hair includes:

1. 170 hair dryers for hair: 170*837 = 142290 UAH.

2. 981 massage hairbrushes for hair: 981*17 = 16677 UAH.

3. 981 hairbrushes for hair with the handle: 981*8 = 7848 UAH.

4. The 102nd sets of elastic bands for hair of bright flowers and high quality — (50 pieces. In a set) = 102*29 = 2958 UAH

Total cost : 169 773 UAH (~6311,26 USD)

Join now!


Dear reader of this news, if You also want to help the orphans of Ukraine, You can by clicking on the link to make a contribution in any convenient way for you. Also, we will be grateful for regular (monthly) donations via Privat24/through the Foundation’s website, and then every month set your sum will be automatically debited from Your account for the benefit of the help to children-orphans of Ukraine!